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Nishikawa Clinica Dental 



Nishikawa Dental Clinic is a dental group in Metepec, State of Mexico, directed by Dr. Silvia Nishikawa, with the aim of offering treatments of all dental specialties. We work with a high professional ethics, we handle high standards of sterilization. We are a clinic prepared to give attention and dental services to both children and adults, we have the equipment and infrastructure suitable to attend any case according to your dental needs; The team of Nishikawa Dental Clinic is made up of certified dentists who will solve dental problems with professional and human treatment.

Contact us:

Address: Leona Vicario 204, Col. Barrio Coaxustenco, Metepec, Estado de México 52140

Phone: (01 722) 270 2614 and 235 0155


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