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Rosel Quijano Clinica Dental



* We run an ultra-modern dental clinic fully stocked with all the latest equipment and technology. (You’d be hard pressed to find another practice in Merida who could compare!)


* Patient comfort is our #1 priority. (Trips to the dentist should NOT be a nightmare. Try us out and discover the difference!)


* You’ll receive the same standard of dentisty (often better) than you’re used to but at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for it in the U.S


* Dr. Rosel (the lead dentist who’ll be taking care of you) has studied dentistry all over the world and is one of the friendliest people you’ll likely meet.



Contact Us


Phone: 999 943 9696

Address:  Calle 7 No. 544 entre 24 y 24-A Col. Maya Av. Altabrisa (Fte. Al Hospital de Alta Especialidad), Mérida

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