The Perfect Smile Dental Laser Clinic

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The Perfect Smile Dental Laser Clinic

The Perfect Smile Dental Laser Clinic

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Most of us do not think about get tingsick after going to the dentist; the problem is that any health facility can have germs that cause infections. At our office, one of our main goals is to provide patients with ultra clean environment and safest dental care possible. Our high-tech equipment and the best cleaning protocols and dental care safety sets our office apart as one of the safest in Mexico.

The best and ultimate equipment not only facilitate and speeds dental treatment, but also protect our patients from the risks of cross contamination between patients. Since utilizing medical grade air to suiss protocols of mercury removal in dental amalgams, as well as sterile instruments, disinfected materials and equipment.

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Address: Calle Cordillera de los Himalaya 611, Lomas 4ta Secc, 78216 San Luis, S.L.P.

Phone: 01 444 825 2253

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